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Common sports injury

Sports injury refers to all kinds of injuries caused by sports activities such as abrasion, sprain and strain. Athletes would easily get hurt during sports activities, common injured sites are ankles, knees and fingers, depending on which kind of sport involved. 

Symptoms and consequence

Symptoms: Pain as majority, would encounter joint dislocation or bone fracture for severe cases.

Consequence:joint inflammation, muscle strains, ligamentous sprains, cartilage injury, joint dislocation and bone fracture.

Prevention of sports injury

Doing proper stretching before daily exercise can reduce the chance of injury.

Cause of sports injury

Common causes are overuse, improper posture, lack of warm-up, direct impact, etc. Doing appropriate stretching before exercise can reduce the chance of getting injured.


  • Medication: NSAIDS, to treat inflammation, mild to moderate pain


  • Physiotherapy: cryotherapy, short wave diathermy, ultrasound, interferential therapy, etc for inflammation control.


  • Surgical operation: indicated for complicated bone fractures.

Treatment and care

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