Sports Injury Treatment

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Sports injury introduction

Sports injury refers to all kinds of injuries caused by sports activities such as abrasion, sprain and strain. Athletes would easily get hurt during sports activities, commonly injured sites are ankles, knees and fingers, depending on which kind of sport involved.


In cases of sports injury, it is generally not recommended to handle it by yourself for fear of mistreatments. If you have got pain in the foot or low back pain, please seek professional advice from registered doctors. Therapists will figure out the cause of the pain or joint displacements and carry out necessary treatments including short wave diathermy, ultrasound, interferential therapy, etc. In addition, you may consider customising a pair of shoe insoles for shock-absorbing and protective purposes. 


Treatment Effects 



cryotherapy, short wave diathermy, ultrasound, interferential therapy, etc for inflammation control.

Surgical operations

Indicated for complicated bone fractures.

Spine and physiotherapy treatment to relieve sports injury

Relief of pain and discomfort, early treatments can avoid side-effects. Stretching can be carried out more frequently to increase the rate of recovering and self-repair.

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Sports Injury

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