Plantar Fasciitis

腳底筋膜炎 | 足底筋膜炎

Stabbing pain with each step taken

Feet are the base of a person. If the base is not stable enough, the upper part of the body would also be affected. Plantar fasciitis is related to overuse and overloading of lower limbs.



Every step hurts

Soreness over heel, then progress to sharp pain, especially at the first touch to the ground after waking up from the bed. Pain would decrease after a short stroll. However, pain would aggravate again after prolonged walking.

Common complaints

Overweight; wear high-heeled shoes; flat feet; prolonged walking are common causes of plantar fasciitis.

Keep your hard-working feet healthy

Customized orthopedic insole may help to reduce the abnormal pressure on the foot and strengthen the support of the arch.

It is also recommended to wear flat shoes or comfortable shoes on weekdays. To do more exercise on the feet could also strengthen the muscles to help relieve the pressure on the feet.


Insoles: suitable insoles can help correct the biomechanics of the feet.

Spine and Physiotherapy adjustment: focus on the sole, release the muscle tension and promote blood circulation.

Exercise therapy: feet muscles strengthening exercise together with a proper posture, damage to the feet can be minimized.

Physiotherapy: ultrasound, interferential therapy, etc. are used to promote the blood circulation and relieve inflammatory responses.

What works for plantar fasciitis?

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