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When to worry about neck pain

Neck pain is a common complaint among office workers or people who are required to do repetitive neck movements. Neck pain can be the consequence of a number of disorders. Symptoms can range from occasional dull aching to chronic, severe neck pain that affects your daily quality of life. The cause of your neck pain could be something minor, such as a muscle spasm, but could also indicate something more severe.

Do you have a stiff neck?

Repetitive neck movements can lead to mechanical joint dysfunction, high muscle tension, abnormal pressure on the joints of the neck and upper back and muscle imbalances.

What are the causes of neck pain?

Common causes of neck pain are prolonged periods of poor posture, inflammation of the muscles and tendons of the neck and degeneration.

Due to the lack of activity of most white-collar workers, the shoulder and neck muscles do not have sufficient strength to support the weight of the bones. When the pressure on the cervical joints is too high, the muscles will be contracted for a long time. If muscles lose their elasticity, it will cause soreness.

Chasing the cure

Early treatment of neck pain can help prevent this becoming a chronic condition and leading to more serious symptoms such as numbness and weakness of the arms. Neck pain is often the result of benign conditions but can be associated with more serious medical conditions.

Treatment of simple neck pain should focus on correcting underlying causes and restoring proper joint and muscle function to the cervical spine. Sometimes neck pain is caused by pain referral from other parts of the body, commonly the upper back, shoulder and jaw, so other parts of the body may be evaluated during the course of treatment.

Chiropractic care for neck pain

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