iTrac Cervical Spine Treatment

iTrac Cervical Spine Treatment restore the dislocated cervical disc

​iTrac Treatment is designed for patients of cervical disc displacement to restore the function of the cervical disc and protect it from repetitive damage. 

  • well-designed for those who suffer from cervical disc dysfunction

  • restore the function of the cervical discs

  • improve improper postures

  • restore the function of the cervical discs, improve the problem of improper head posture and relieve pain.

Symptoms of Cervical disc dislocation

Cervical disc displacement refers to a mechanical joint dysfunction mainly caused by improper head positions and repetitive neck movements. If the head is fixed in a position or posture for a few hours or longer, muscle spasm may occur, causing the cervical joint to displace. Usually, it is accompanied by muscle tension on the neck and high back. In some cases, patients may suffer from headaches, high muscle tension, bone spurs, numbness of arms, dizziness or tinnitus, etc.

Thumbing their phones and holding their head in the same posture for a few hours, the younger generation shows that improper head posture is one of the main reasons for cervical disc displacement. The working class was used to be the most vulnerable group to cervical disc displacement. Yet, with the increasing popularity of electronic gadgets, the mounting number of teenagers are suffering from neck pains. 

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