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Back Pain

腰背痛 | 腰痛

Stiffness in back

Spine consists of vertebras. If the vertebras are displaced and the spinal nerve roots are irritated, pain and lower limb numbness would be reported, and more severe symptoms like sciatica, incontinence and lower limb muscles atrophy would be encountered.





Warning signs of back pain

Pain and repetitive strain injuries are extremely common if workstations are not set up ergonomically, forcing workers to work with unnatural posture for an extended period of time. Long working hours with unnatural postures can lead to high muscle tension. If the situation deteriorates, workers will feel pain beginning from the shoulder into the neck. Headaches might also occur later, which can indicate cervical spine misalignments. If there is osteophyte (bone spur) growth and nerve roots are irritated or compressed, pain and numbness will emerge along the upper limbs. Dizziness, photophobia and muscle atrophy can develop in severe cases.


Tips to keep back pain away

To prevent from low back pain, it is necessary to pay attention to daily postures.

1. Maintain a good sitting and standing position

2. Pay attention to the posture when carrying heavy objects

​3. Regular exercise


To help Spine and Physiotherapist diagnose the source of back pain, be specific in describing the type of pain, when it started, related symptoms, and any history of chronic conditions. Your Spine and Physiotherapist may order X-rays or MRI scans to look for damaged bones or discs, or other injuries to the spine.


Spine and Physiotherapist use spinal manipulation to treat low back pain by applying pressure with their hands to bones and surrounding tissues. For some cases, short wave diathermy, heat treatment, lumbar traction, interferential therapy would be used for muscle relaxation and symptomatic relief. And also the Spine and Physiotherapy F & D 3D spinal traction machine can apply traction force, releases and twisting force on the spine, help fix the spinal displacement.

Chiropractic treatment

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